Social media influence scores really do get under people’s skin

Interesting observations on social media and influence measurement today.

I had a hand in a post which FINALLY took to task the speakers employed for Australian and New Zealand social media conferences/seminars/events.

A client finally said I’ve had it with turning up to these events only to find out the presenters have no clue about social media strategy…

And put together a scathing report on pretenders who are branding themselves as social media experts.

The embarrassing thing was that several presenters at one recent Aussie social media event began with a disclaimer that they didn’t actually use or understand social media…

…silence… (I paid how much for insights from these people?)…

I kid you not!

But the really intriguing thing I found was the reaction to the post.

Here is a basic summary of how it went:

The client who is really influential (in the true sense of the word) in marketing, advertising, strategy, thought leadership, wrote a post decrying the social media for dummies efforts of the presenters at this conference and others and expressed concern that these people were “sold” (yes, tickets cost money) as “social media experts”.

The presenters either had no social media authority – whether or not you put credence in influence measurement tools – or had no real insights into social strategy beyond the “engage, have conversations, this tech stuff is scary because you can get burnt” shitty cliches that we have heard a million times before.
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Latent semantic indexing? The new SEO service?

I really had to think about whether I just used a screenshot for this one or not…

The SEO in me thought – this is sooo spammy and wrong I really don’t want to be identified on Google for this kind of crap.

Then I thought – hey so what – this blog is not about business

It is not about prospects or conversion

It is not about lead generation

It could be just about venting so here we go…

My inbox spam filters let this one through:

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Online Marketing Executive

Nice! Thanks Sophie! Submission to search engines and directories… ohh, and LSI…

So lets start with LSI or latent semantic indexing…
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