Latent semantic indexing? The new SEO service?

I really had to think about whether I just used a screenshot for this one or not…

The SEO in me thought – this is sooo spammy and wrong I really don’t want to be identified on Google for this kind of crap.

Then I thought – hey so what – this blog is not about business

It is not about prospects or conversion

It is not about lead generation

It could be just about venting so here we go…

My inbox spam filters let this one through:

Dear Sir/Madam,

1st Page on Google Guaranteed!!

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Thanks & Regard


Online Marketing Executive

Nice! Thanks Sophie! Submission to search engines and directories… ohh, and LSI…

So lets start with LSI or latent semantic indexing…

Love this stuff – no, not really.

Rank-Reduced Singular Value Decomposition

A rank-reduced, Singular Value Decomposition is performed on the matrix to determine patterns in the relationships between the terms and concepts contained in the text. The SVD forms the foundation for LSI.[16] It computes the term and document vector spaces by transforming the single term-frequency matrix, A, into three other matrices— an m by r term-concept vector matrix T, an r by r singular values matrix S, and a n by r concept-document vector matrix, D, which satisfy the following relations:


T^T T = I_r \quad D^T D = I_r

S_{1,1} \geq S_{2,2} \geq \ldots \geq  S_{r,r} > 0 \quad S_{i,j} = 0 \; \text{where} \; i \neq j

Or in other words… really there are only a handful of people who know how this relates to “getting page one Google” and most are in Google’s employ.

Computing how to place specific words into specific points on a page in order satisfy robot algorithms is possible the dumbest SEO strategy I have heard for a while.

What happens when the human visitor arrives and reads:

Awesome keyword one| a couple of unimportant joining words |awesome keyword variation 23|topical adjective|less awesome keyword 53|adverb |awesome keyword one again…


Do you really think Google is going to buy that crap?

So, please, please, stop spamming people with SEO offers that include LSI

Or am I missing someting?


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