The awesome power of long form posts for SEO

In November I ran a bit of a test on value giving long form content.

I decided to create a bit of an epic post for publishing on a client site so I could track and record the reactions and the benefits of extensive, information packed content.

A while back marketers were saying that if your post is too long you should break it up into several installments. People supposedly do not have the time or concentration to read thousands of words.

What I have seen on many of the top blogs has been a shift toward massive posts with tons of info, images, references, data, graphs and anything else that is relevant to proving a case.

Check out SEOmoz, Kaiser the Sage, anything by Kristi Hines, Kissmetrics, Distilled and even Copyblogger to see how prevalent the long form post has become.

So, does it work?

My post was on the mistakes made in content marketing and I started by creating the most expansive list of content fails that I could think of.

I settled on 30 points that I considered important and common errors.

I wrote an introduction explaining how Google and its various aggressive updates had shifted the goalposts – content really was the most successful way to improve SEO results.

Then I explained each of the mistakes with a couple of paragraphs.

With a quick summary and call-to-action at the end this post weighed in at more than 3,000 words.

Way too long?
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