When did web developers decide Google was not part of their picture?

It is interesting as an SEO to track the correlation between what Google wants and what works on Google…


How is it then that every damn marketer is trying to find the achilles heel, the secret sauce, the “make money while you sleep” hack, that can enable the creation of a product that can be sold to an eager market of lazy marketers representing businesses that have no right to be on page one anyway!

This is the way of the web and unfortunately Google has to allocate a huge proportion of its resources to fending off thousands of very smart and very hungry product creators.

Hell, you can build a list, set up engaging auto-responders, buildĀ <sarcasm>posture</sarcasm> and lead a willing multitude to the holy grail of quick, free cash from the mega-search-giant known as Google.

So Google said


And went to war with the spammers, black hats, opportunists, crooks, porn merchants, ponzi scheme runners, casino scammers, MLM dreamers…

And actually did quite a good job of closing up every little loophole

one by one

little by little

Including some pretty cool little techniques we used to use back in the day to get people to our thin affiliate landing pages!

So, guess what?

The days of search engine results hacking, of using high volume spam techniques, of using little chinks in the armour to sneak through are over.

An extremely high profile business opportunity “guru” has been linking to our main blog over the last couple of weeks as a source of SEO information. It appears that now the doctrine is “learn white hat SEO” (but, hey, keep paying me your monthly subscriptions – even while you frantically use the Google disavow tool to regain all that lost ground! Because now I’ll show you how to get rid of all those links I taught you how to build)

It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic for the poor followers.

Anyway I digress!

It is very clear to me based on data I have been tracking over the last 6 months in particular that there is one true way to make Google happy…

and any SEOs reading this will go “Duh”!

It is as simple as having a good quality blog on a business site (I mean a real business here – not some keyword based, recently incorporated whim or business opportunity driven site).

Our clients who have a content strategy are seeing impressive or outstanding growth in organic visitors.

Our clients who have a static website are seeing some or OK growth.

Easy as that!

One is even seeing growth as high as 60% month on month – crazy figures (this is a comprehensive multi-author strategy with intensive social media action)
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