Shockwave Flash has crashed – How to fix it once and for all!

Are you sick of super slow browsers and constant crashes and every time it is Shockwave Flash?

Is this familiar?



Well, fear not!

I am not going to try to sell you a solution…

No, no, no!

This problem was really pissing me off a few months back and it got to the stage where I was going out of my mind because of the frustratingly slow browser.

Hey, Chrome is supposed to be fast, right?

So I tried Firefox for a while…

Holy! That was even worse (sorry Firefox fans that s%#t is seriously buggy!)

The next step was to do what I do

A highly laser focused Google search Рmultiple phrases and  tricks to get through the rubbish to a real solution.

Now that was a joke!

You may have already found a few of the sites I went to.

Why do coding guys have to over-complicate every thing they do?

The huge amounts of code changes, browser settings and PC setup adjustments blew my poor feeble SEO mind!

Finally I found the Shockwave Flash has crashed solution!

And it was easier than you could imagine.
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